Friday, November 13, 2009

update on Mom

The CT scan shows edema in the brain, but no bleeding. The doc said we would need to see the results of the blood work to know more, but the CT supports the stroke nurse's ruling-out of stroke.

According to Dad, the nurse had asked Mom to read aloud, and Mom proved able to do this. Purely by coincidence, I had asked Mom to read aloud from the National Geographic magazine she'd been holding while she and I had been in the sub-waiting room together.

Mom still likes reading, though it's not obvious how much she understands anymore. Sometimes she seems only to comprehend the rhythm and flow of the printed language in front of her; at other times she seems at least somewhat aware of the content. Lacking most of her frontal lobe, however, Mom has difficulty piecing together a coherent "big picture"; as you recall, the use of logic is one of the executive functions located in the frontal lobe.

As I mentioned, we're still waiting on Mom's blood work. It's 4:10AM, and I don't know how much longer we'll be here. Poor Mom's sleep schedule has been thrown off yet again, so I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up sleeping all day.

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