Friday, November 13, 2009

zonked out

We left the ER around 5:30AM and got home a little after 6. I personally didn't get to sleep until sometime after 7, and for some reason I'm now awake, despite not having slept even six hours.

Pastor Jeri is supposed to visit us this afternoon, around 3 or 3:30, but if Mom's not awake by 2 (it's after 1PM, and even Dad's not awake), then we'll have to cancel.

My buddy Mike's dad has gone in for more tests, the results of which are pending, and which will indicate whether surgery is warranted. Mike has been keeping me posted on his dad's progress. I actually tried visiting Mike's dad last night, but was delayed, which led to problems. I'd had to prep dinner for my parents and couldn't get out of the house until about 7:30. I was aware that Fairfax Hospital had changed its visitation rules for the flu season, so I knew that visiting hours ended at 8PM (come to think of it, they end at 8PM even when it's not flu season), but I had been hoping that the hospital would let me slip past the doors even if I were a tiny bit late. I arrived at the hospital at 8:05, and all the doors I tried at both the main building and the cardiac building were locked to outsiders. The one door that was unlocked was manned by a security guard who was adamant about not letting anyone in. "Sorry, no choice," he said. I drove back home and called Mike's dad, talking to him for a few minutes. He sounded much stronger than he had a couple days ago. I apologized to him for not having visited, and resolved to make it to the hospital in plenty of time to visit during visiting hours the following day.

So yesterday-- and this morning-- turned out to be an adventure. There was one abortive trip to the hospital, and then a post-midnight trip to the ER to find out that Mom's brain wasn't bleeding.

For the moment, the house is quiet, except for the occasional ringing phone. I feel sorry for both Mom and Dad. It wasn't easy for them-- or for my brothers-- to be dragged out in the middle of the night. At the same time, though, I'm not sorry I insisted on taking Mom to the ER: if something had been seriously wrong, and we hadn't gone, I'd never have forgiven myself. We still don't know what's going on with Mom, but at least we've ruled out any immediate dangers. Now if only we can get in contact with her regular doctors...


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