Monday, April 7, 2008

for the HTML-savvy, a question

This Blogger template has one major annoying tendency: the line spacing changes before and after graphics, horizontal lines (done with the "hr" HTML tag), and other such doodads. What changes must I make to my template to make ALL line spacing absolutely consistent?

(To see the problem I'm talking about, scroll down to the "the NEW logo" post and compare the line spacing before and after the graphic.)

UPDATE: Thanks to HK for the quick response! Problem solved. I want to have your baby. Oh, wait-- that's the chick's line...


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Anonymous said...

Wow... I just took a look at the code Blogger produces... dear God is that a confusing mess.

Line spacing is not actually an HTML issue, it's a CSS issue (and it is controlled by the "line-height" property). From a quick look at the code, the body of the post is wrapped in a div with the class "post-body entry-content" (actually two classes). Unfortunately, I can't actually find a CSS declaration for either the "post-body" or the "entry-content" classes. I also could not find a link to an external CSS file that might contain these declarations.

Within that div itself, though, there is nothing that should suddenly make the line height reset (although using break tags for spacing is so last century), and it's really odd that it should do that.

Setting line height should be easy--you just set the line height in a CSS class declaration and apply that class to the appropriate element. But this template is such a jumble of tags and declarations that I wouldn't know where to even begin figuring out what needs to be done.

Which is to say that my answer to your question is: I have no idea. But holy crap does Blogger produce some confusing code. Wish I could be more helpful.