Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday packing

I spent Saturday evening at the office, grading student journals* and beginning the sad process of clearing out my work station. I managed to fit most of my mortal possessions into three medium-sized boxes; I got the boxes from a local mom-and-pop store being watched over by a guy with a gut at least twice the size of my own; he and I had bowed to each other in the past whenever I walked by his store, but we'd never talked. Tonight, when I suddenly asked him whether I could have two or three boxes, he responded with a "What for?"-- which caught me off guard. I explained that I was leaving Korea and needed to pack up my office things, after which he rummaged around and gave me three boxes. Here are some pics of Saturday night's efforts.

*Some of my students are convinced the word "journal" refers only to the content of a journal and not to the physical journal itself, which is a bit of a problem whenever I say, "Hand in your journals."


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