Friday, November 21, 2008


We've got a mess of appliances arriving today, so I'm on tap once again for my brawn (well, such brawn as I have). The LG range/oven strikes fear into my heart; I'd lifted it once at Home Depot with the help of a staffer, and that sucker's heavy. The new fridge, which is about 1.3 times more voluminous than the other two (yes, Mom wants three fridges), promises to be more bulky than heavy. I'm assuming the microwave can be handled by a single person once it's out of its box; inside the box, it might be too bulky for one man's bear hug.

There's also a dishwasher coming, as well as a vanity, the latter having decided to throw its lot in with the appliances. We might also be getting the new upstairs toilet today; the previous new toilet was rejected by Mom once she realized it was too high for her to sit on comfortably.

Throughout all this, there's the new floor to mind: no scratches permitted! So we'll be laying down cardboard boxes along whatever paths we plan to travel. Right now, though, we're waiting for the phone call that will set this craziness in motion. Mr. Jeong and his minion, Mr. Park, are puttering around the kitchen, but they're on call for when it's go-time with the appliances. Wish us luck.


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