Thursday, November 20, 2008

my life as an episode of "Battlestar Galactica"

Old warhorse Adama = Dad, who originally posited that "one day, the renovation will be over"; though tired and battered, to this day he still keeps the faith

The actual power in the fleet, President Roslin = Mom, who sneered at the idea of renovation ever ending, claiming that such a state of affairs was a myth; Mom eventually came around, though, and now spearheads the drive to end the renovation

Thin person (well, Cylon) most loyal to Adama in the manner of Colonel Tigh = my brother David, who, like Tigh, keeps his bizarre and unfathomable nature under wraps, but has to let it burst out on occasion; David doesn't have Tigh's drinking problem, but he does tend bar three nights a week

Viper pilot who wears his hair in that goofy rhinoceros-horn style like Lee Adama and yearns to be something kinder and gentler than a Viper pilot = my brother Sean, who plays the cello professionally and does indeed like to wear his hair, uh, forward

Plump Chief Tyrol = yours truly, stuck in the middle of the swarm of renovation activity, commanding my underlings by flinging my love handles around; like Tyrol, I pine for the unattainable Grace Park


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