Monday, February 16, 2009

ha ha! wrong again!

So it turns out that Janis Gold is not the mole, which means I'm wrong yet again. Instead, the most obvious candidate for mole turned out actually to be the mole! I had dismissed him early on simply because he looked like a shady, unlikeable character from the very beginning. "Surely the '24' scripters wouldn't go with someone so obvious, would they?" thought I. Ha ha-- a thousand kicks to the groin for my naivete!

Is it my imagination, or is "24" underperforming this season? While it's still gripping TV, it doesn't seem quite as gripping as in times past. On the bright side, if I keep making predictions that turn out wrong, this means two things: (1) the writers are still good enough to keep me guessing, and (2) good ol' Bill Buchanan has a chance to get through the day alive.

I was happy to see that the battle for Agent Walker's soul continues. At this point, her internal struggle is probably the best subplot in the show: she represents the American people at large, and their struggle in dealing with the ethics of counterterrorism.


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Anonymous said...

It’s called exceedingly high expectations. Sadly, even an 85-95% grade is subpar once we’ve had that perfect season.

Imagine the last three “Star Wars” films and what you thought of them. Now, imagine them in a universe where the first three were never made. I bet the latter three's grades would rise in a world without the first three. Now, try to do the same thing with each season of “24.” Judged as standalone seasons, their grades should be independent with no regard of previous highs and lows; however, as a species we are highly judgmental and harsh which tends to mar some really good work with our unreal expectations. This also dooms many relationships.

John from Daejeon