Friday, January 16, 2009

Agent Walker's fearsome mien

FBI Special Agent Renée Walker, one of the new characters in Season 7 of "24," is a fiery redhead, and based on both her toughness and her temper, the usual stereotypes about redheads seem to apply.

Something about Walker's fearsome expression, after she had revived from Jack Bauer's chokehold, reminded me of some other actress, and for a while I couldn't remember who it was. Then it hit me:

Joanna Cassidy!

Watch Cassidy as Zora in "Blade Runner," delivering a sword-hand strike to Harrison Ford's throat, then tightening Ford's necktie to strangle him. That look of naked fury in Cassidy's eyes was classic, and that's exactly the look I saw reincarnated in Annie Wersching's portrayal of Agent Walker. Love it.


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