Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Our next-door neighbor, who's getting along in years, called me a few minutes ago to tell me she was all right-- that she had simply been out getting her car fixed, there was nothing to worry about, and please tell my parents not to worry. I had no idea what she was talking about, so I just rolled with the conversation, telling her I was glad everything was OK, which I was. She's a very nice lady.

I called Dad and told him what she'd told me to say, and Dad explained that emergency vehicles-- an ambulance and fire truck-- had come by the next-door neighbor's house this morning (while I was still asleep), apparently in response to a "911" call.

So I guess the entire thing was a false alarm. But if our neighbor didn't call 911... who did?


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Becky said...

Ahaha! That's actually super funny.

I have a friend whose father was getting up there in years and had Alzheimers. He came to live with them in a downstairs apartment they had, and at one point, my friend's husband went downstairs to check on him and found him scared to death of "them" sitting on his bed. There was no one there. No matter what my friend's husband did, the elderly man was convinced "they" were going to hurt him.

Then it came out that he had called 911 to report the offenders.

My friend's husband, having friends on the force in our small town, quickly called the police station and let them know everything was fine, they didn't need to send anyone out. He explained about his father-in-law and was told they would need to send someone out anyway.

When the cops arrived, he exited the house to assure them all was well, and he apparently moved a little too quickly. They pulled their guns and ordered him to raise his hands and "spread 'em." Right on his front lawn he was frisked and questioned with police guns on him the entire time.

Apparently his friends weren't on duty that day. And you can bet that his neighbours were a little more than concerned...