Sunday, January 11, 2009


From reader and friend Andy R.:

Hi Kevin,

I liked your write-up of the McCandless story.

By chance, I came across his story in a text-book I was using here in Japan about 2 months ago. I remember the story from TV reports when it first came out, but the book had more information than I got the first time around.

Re: wanderlust. A bit before I read your article, I had been thinking about what drove the guy. On one hand, he had Daddy issues. On the other hand... you don't just go to Alaska because you're angry... most guys run out of steam around the 3rd time they meet pretty girls.

I was going to write something insightful about folks being born what they are, and include some examples of folks choosing surprising life paths... but it seems that's not McCandless' deal. He seems to be a guy who got his Dad's super-drive to accomplish... but somehow missed his earlier chance to do.... well, I'm not sure what.

It's late, and I wanted to dash this off before I turn in. Well done done write-up. Congrats!



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