Monday, August 31, 2009

back from two walks

Dad and I took Mom out for two walks today-- first to Fort Hunt Park, where Mom did her usual several hundred yards, then out to the riverside in Old Town Alexandria, not far from Jones Point, where Mom managed another several hundred yards on a wide pedestrian area behind a rich neighborhood. We strolled alongside the Potomac next to swaying fronds of hydrilla, looking out across the water at birds perched on pylons, and peering at some of DC's bone-colored landmarks in the distance.

Mom handled herself just fine during her two walks, though she had to pull herself up the stairs by grabbing the railing and heaving herself upward, hand over hand. It was just five steps, but Mom has been weak lately, which probably explains why she's been sleeping even later than normal. Still, despite the weakness, I'm proud of how much she walked today. The weather was, luckily, perfect for just such strolling.


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