Friday, September 4, 2009


It's a little after 9:30AM, Texas time, as I write this. We'll be leaving for DC in a few hours, and will be back home in northern Virginia-- barring delays-- around 7 or 7:30PM. Mom held up surprisingly well during the trip down to Texas; I'm hoping she'll be fine during the trip back. My cousin Mark told us that it ought to be possible to bypass the huge lines through security because of Mom's condition. Here's hoping.

It's been a restful few days for me; Mom's been doted on by her sister, and I had the chance to go out and about for a few hours the other day-- something I rarely do. I don't know how restful this trip was for Dad; he still had to wash and prep Mom every morning and evening, and like me, he remained on standby alert should anything happen.

Time goes so fast. Our departure day is already here. At least Mom had the chance to see her sister one more time.


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