Monday, August 31, 2009

Mom's up

It's 2PM and Mom's only just now getting out of bed. Dad's going to get her ready; once she's washed and dressed, she'll come out to the living room, and I'll serve her lunch.

Dad just asked me to remind everyone that this is the reason why we keep telling people to call ahead before coming: you never know what Mom's daily schedule will be; Mom herself doesn't know. Her disease comes fraught with its own mystery and danger-- each GBM is genetically unique, and each patient responds in her own unique way both to treatment and to the disease's cruel progress.

We had to cancel Pastor Kim's 2PM visit for this reason. In his case, the visit had been planned days ago, but we still had to cancel: Mom didn't get up until a minute or so ago, and it takes her the better part of an hour to become presentable enough for her adoring public.

So please bear with us, and don't be resentful that you have to call in advance. Sudden schedule changes are part of what we have to deal with on a daily basis. Please consider Mom's and our situation; don't do the impulsive, inconsiderate thing and drop by unannounced.



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