Tuesday, August 18, 2009

delayed? better not be, dammit

Dad spoke with NCI earlier today, and they want to delay the MRI on Mom until three weeks after her radiotherapy is complete. Their rationale, which makes technical sense, is that Mom's brain needs time to "settle" after the in-tandem bombardment of radiation and Temodar.

What drives me nuts, though, is the idea that Mom's tumor will have three more weeks to fester and grow. I'd rather have an MRI done now, even if the images won't provide entirely accurate picture of the state of Mom's brain. With the tumor as large and obvious as it appeared on the July 20 MRI, it shouldn't be hard to discern were an MRI to be taken, say, today.

NCI is supposed to call us back sometime later today; Dad's out with Mom and I'm busy planning meals, but if NCI calls while I'm alone, I plan to push hard for an immediate MRI.


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