Saturday, August 22, 2009

happy trails, happy visit, and... the leak

A fond goodbye to Uncle John and to Cousin Jihae; it was great to see you (and Aunt Deokhui) again. Again, many thanks for your patience with my cooking, and for doing the dishes after each meal.

Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Quigg for stopping by later in the day, despite the horrible weather. Mom enjoyed seeing you both. Thanks, as well, for the massive amount of meat you gave us!

Finally, a note about the house: the hard rain today seems to have revealed a flaw in the renovation: the sliding glass door that leads into our new dining room (formerly an old, grungy porch) began leaking. Strangely, the water was squeezing itself out from the top of the door frame. Dad called our contractor, and I took a quick video of the leak as it was happening.

UPDATE, 11:28PM: The contractor will be stopping by this week-- possibly as early as Monday-- to fix the problem.


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