Friday, August 21, 2009

last day

Mom had her last day of standard radiotherapy today; tonight will be her final night of chemotherapy through Temodar. What happens next depends on what we hear from NCI.

There was a huge downpour when we left the hospital (my uncle and cousin were with us); by the time we had driven to the Telegraph Road exit of Route 495, there was no rain to be found anywhere. We took the scenic route, crossing Route 1 and hitting the George Washington Parkway between miles 6 and 7. From there, we drove south to Fort Hunt Park, and Mom had a chance to stroll a few hundred yards.

Mom also saw Dr. Royfe, her primary care physician, this morning. He told Dad that Mom's blood sugar problem might be related to the high dosage of Decadron (steroids) that she's taking. The doctor also observed that Mom has lost another two pounds. Her appetite is still generally good, but she doesn't always finish her meals. A net loss of ten pounds since this whole thing began isn't the best of news.

We're having filet mignon tonight. Here's hoping Mom eats her portion. (NB: I hear from my uncle that Mom ate her entire breakfast today; it was a biggie-- eggs, sausage, bacon, and French toast.)


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Katie said...

I will never forget the amazing food that your mom has cooked over the years. I'm glad to hear that she is eating.