Saturday, September 26, 2009

a quiet, rainy Saturday

Mom spent some of her day at the bar between the kitchen and living room, having at last caught onto Dad's habit of sitting there for meals. The day has been rainy and Mom seems tired, so I didn't bother taking her out for a walk in the park. Dad's been away for several hours on shopping errands. Later in the day, Mom transferred herself to her "throne" on the living room couch; she spent some time just listening quietly to classical music and reading her Korean newspaper. Later on, I switched off the music and turned on the TV; Mom watched the national news on NBC and ate dinner. When the news was over, I switched channels to the Korean station, where Mom's been watching goofy variety shows.

And that's been our day-- quiet, not much happening. I've tried talking with Mom, but she isn't all that verbal these days, and I don't think she's said more than ten words today. Whoa-- Dad just got back with a ton of groceries, so that's my cue to stop here.


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