Sunday, September 20, 2009

shopping and cooking

Mom's out with Dad and my brother David, visiting a Pottery Barn in Tyson's Corner to look at some possible window coverings. Mom took a while to get out of bed; she wasn't in the dining room until a little after 3Pm. I fed her a late lunch, and David came by around 4:30PM. He, Dad, and Mom all departed soon after-- close to 5PM. They might hit dinner while at the mall, but in the meantime, I'm home fixing up some food and laundering a large blanket plus some throw rugs-- things that can't go in the washer, per the repairman's instructions. The food: cole slaw, fruit salad, budae-jjigae, cheesecake (ready-made, minus a few ingredients; I don't have the skills to make a proper cheesecake on my own), and oi-kimchi. Eclectic enough for you?


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