Wednesday, September 23, 2009

thanks all around

Our thanks to Pastor Kim for stopping by yesterday. I heard that he had to cut his visit short; I didn't get to see him, primarily because I was downstairs looking at a gigantic, glorious image of Saturn, but it's my understanding that he spent time talking with both Mom and Dad upstairs.

Today, we were honored with visits from Mrs. Whitaker-Frevert and Mrs. Rapaport-- two of Mom's friends as well as prominent members of the Washington Korean Women's Society. They talked with Mom, Dad, and me for a while and took in the renovations. Mrs. Rapaport and I talked a bit about the meaning of caregiving-- not a cold philosophical discussion, but rather an exchange at the level of the heart.

The ladies' visit ended with a round of photo-taking; I'll have a pic or two up later. They also brought over a ton of food (Koreans never arrive empty-handed-- a custom that I still haven't internalized, even after all these years), for which we are all very appreciative. Mom is-- we all are-- fortunate to be surrounded by such care.


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