Friday, September 25, 2009


Chris and Nancy Blackman came by today. Nancy is Mrs. Kopf's daughter. We're thankful for their kind visit.

More visits are coming up, and appointments, too. Here's a peek at our social calendar from now until the end of October:

Sunday, September 27, 3PM: Mom's former coworker, Mrs. Thuy Pham, will be dropping by. She learned of Mom's condition when Dad sent her a letter about it.

Sunday, September 27: Renée Molina, daughter of Dale Molina, will be visiting us for two nights before heading back up to New York City. We look forward to seeing her.

Monday, September 28: Mom has an appointment with Dr. Tonnesen, her radiation oncologist.

Tuesday, September 29: Pastor Jeri will be over at 3PM.

Wednesday, September 30: Dad will attend a 7PM caregiver seminar being held at Fairfax Hospital.

Wednesday, October 7, 10:30AM: Mom goes to Dr. Meister's office at the medical center near Fairfax Hospital for more blood work.

Thursday, October 8, 10:30AM: Mom gets her second Avastin infusion. Dad will attend another caregiver seminar at Fairfax Hospital that evening, at 7PM. (October 8 is also the birthday of Renée's brother Sam.)

Monday, October 12, 3PM: Mom will be visiting her neurologist, Dr. Benson, for an examination.

Wednesday, October 14, evening: Renée's brother Sam Molina will be coming over to stay a night with us.

Thursday, October 15: my brother Sean turns THIRTY. Will he have time to sit down for a bit, relax his Atkins regimen, and enjoy some politically incorrect food for an evening?

Wednesday, October 21, 1:45PM: Mom has blood work and an appointment with Dr. Meister, her medical oncologist.

Thursday, October 22, 11:15AM: Mom goes to the same office and gets her third Avastin infusion.

Thursday, October 29: A big day. Mom goes to NCI, gets blood work done at 12:40PM, then has an MRI at 2:10PM.

Friday, October 30, noon: An even bigger day, as we all go to NCI and meet Dr. Fine, who will deliver the news about whether the Avastin is working, and if not, what our options are.

My aunt will also be visiting sometime in early October; I'm working with my cousin to finalize travel dates.


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