Sunday, October 25, 2009

off to Skyline Drive

It's a nice day out, and we'll be motoring out to Skyline Drive with Mom, possibly to do a bit of walking, or just to go and see the sights from inside the car.

Will my brother David be able to make it to our house for our scheduled 11:30AM departure? We'll see. The poor guy usually sleeps in on Sunday morning after working four out of the seven previous nights. Fridays and Saturdays are especially tough, because he'll work until dawn. On Sundays, we don't normally see David until sometime after 4PM; if he makes it here by 11:30AM, it'll mean he's sacrificed most of his sleep time to join us.

Which means, in turn, that we won't force him to drive the van out to Shenandoah. He can doze while we cruise.


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