Thursday, October 8, 2009

back home

Mom's Avastin infusion went well, according to Dad. Her blood work turned up no abnormalities, her vitals were great, and the best news of all was that Mom has regained nine pounds. The protein overload is working, which makes me very happy. Mom can continue to expect more protein bars, more meat, and more tofu in her diet. Whatever it takes to counteract the corrosive effects of the Decadron.

Since Fort Hunt Park was on the way home, we decided to get Mom's walk in right away. She did her 680 yards just fine, and when we got home, she attempted the deck stairs instead of the wheelchair ramp. Dad helped her up the stairs somewhat, but Mom's success was mainly due to her determination not to do things the easy way.


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Katie said...


This is all so incredible. Thank you for your continued updates. My best is with you and your family always.
Katie Kadarauch