Monday, October 5, 2009

sit rep

Dad's away at a dental appointment, Mom's awake but still in bed (she probably won't get out of bed until well past noon), and I'm awake but harboring a sore throat-- something of a downturn from yesterday, when things seemed to be improving. Will gargle with salt water, take the requisite meds, wear a mask around Mom, and see how things go.

UPDATE: I typed the above paragraph, went back to Mom's bedroom, and discovered that she had gotten out of bed and into the bathroom all by herself. Such moments are an occasion for simultaneous pride and terror: I'm proud that Mom is mobile and spry enough to move herself around like that, but because she never remembers to put on her helmet at such times, and because she's unsupervised, her feat generates a good bit of post hoc terror.

UPDATE 2: Dad came home from his dental appointment not long after Mom's achievement.


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Becky said...

Well I'm glad to see there are still things to celebrate, Kevin! I hope your mom continues to offer those opportunities. And I hope she remembers her helmet in the future.

Prayers for your sore throat. I hope it doesn't get worse.