Wednesday, October 7, 2009

once more unto the doctor's office

We're off to Dr. Meister's office again tomorrow morning for another 10:30AM appointment, this time for Mom to get her second Avastin infusion. I'm still rife with pestilence, so I might have to sit outside in the parking deck again. We'll see.

Mom's big sis called tonight. Dad usually hands Mom the phone, which Mom then puts to her ear. It's a gamble as to whether Mom opens with a greeting. Very often, all she does is hold the phone against her ear and wait for the caller to say something, which is simultaneously amusing and poignant. Sure enough, that's what Mom did tonight while she finished eating her dinner.

Mom's day isn't over after the Avastin session, though: Pastor Kim will be coming over, and then Dad will go to his second caregiving seminar. Somewhere in there, we also have to squeeze in a walk in the park.

This might not seem like much of a schedule if you're used to getting thirty things done in a day, but for Mom, who's easily tired, this is more than enough.

A big thank-you to my brother David, who came over today, helped cook chicken for dinner, served ice cream for dessert, and even did the dishes for us. I note for posterity that dinner was mixed rice, homemade oi-kimchi, homemade cole slaw, and chicken done up with either American barbecue sauce or Korean ggan-poong-gi sauce. Lunch, for Mom and me, was homemade ddeokbokgi and oi-kimchi, with some leftover soup for Mom. Dad, meanwhile, had a good old PB&J sandwich.


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