Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday night burgers

Mom's adventure in the kitchen and dining room on Sunday afternoon wiped her out. She eventually made it back to her spot on the couch, and remained there most of the day.

David came over around 7:30PM; we had burgers. Even Mom had one (which I cut in half to make it easier for her to eat). She took her time eating it, which was fine by me. Mom ended up getting a small bowl of Korean soup to go with her American meal; in general, she's been much better about eating Korean food than Western food. Dad, for his part, raved about the burgers. If they passed the Dad test, they must be OK.

For dessert, I made a makeshift pain au chocolat using some homemade fudge and "instant" croissants-- the cheapie kind that come in pop-open cardboard cylinders. Dessert turned out pretty well, and I think the corn salad I made for dinner was also appreciated.


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