Wednesday, October 14, 2009

off soon

Mom's up, she's had lunch, and Dad's going to be working on the house (he already did the rain gutters this morning, clearing out leaves and installing gutter shields) while I prep to pick up my buddy Sam from National Airport. Sam's passing through the NoVA/DC area on his way to a brief stay in New York City, after which he's heading off to an adventure in Santiago de Chile. Quite the world traveler, he. We appreciate the fact that he's taking a detour to see us before he heads off; I know Mom will be happy to see him, since it's been so long.

Sam will be crashing at our place tonight, so we're doing our best to sanitize the premises: we can't have my friend (since age 3!) heading off to Chile with incipient bronchitis. That won't do at all.


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