Monday, October 12, 2009

off we go

Mom's appointment with Dr. Benson is at 3PM today, so we'll be leaving around 2PM. I'm still phlegmy. I also spent my night making up a chart that shows overall goals in ten different areas:

1. Meditation
2. Strength
3. Balance
4. Flexibility
5. Cardio
6. Diet
7. Sleep Schedule
8. Weight
9. Resting Heart Rate
10. Blood Pressure

Each of these areas now needs to be fleshed out in greater detail. I've established starting points and goals for each, but haven't set an overall time frame, and need to figure out the intervals at which to progress. It feels a bit like when I was writing up my semester curriculum for my English students at Sookmyung Women's University, but this time, it's a curriculum for living my life.



Anonymous said...

time tew start mtn biking hatte

will fix many of those chirps

out in the woods

alone with your thoughts

sweatin' on the climbs and decents


Kevin Kim said...

Not looking forward to broken bones and bike repair costs. For you higher-level bikers, maybe bike repair isn't a big deal, but I see myself wrecking every time I set out on a trail, just from the mud.

Anonymous said...

there are a lot of low-skill trails out there... and even the GW parkway trail. Great things about biking:

* low impact and your joints will thank you. walking/jogging/running will all be painful - and not just from your muscles!

* biking on trails will significantly improve your balance - on a bike or on your feet in general - not to mention a great cardio workout where you can increase/decrease workload instantly through gears and pedal stroke power.

Think about biking baby. plus, I can repair most common issues arising from bike spills on the trail. bikes are super simple and easy to repair.