Monday, November 23, 2009

almost hawkless Sunday

Sunday was notable for me in that I hawked up almost no snot. Definitely an improvement over what's been happening for weeks. My nose remains mostly blocked, but my senses of smell and taste now come back intermittently. With my new neti pot arriving Monday or Tuesday (thanks,, I ought to be ready to enjoy Thanksgiving. If not, well... at least I'll chew my food with gusto.

In other news: Mom was tired during most of the time she lay on the couch on Sunday. She ate very little dinner (not hungry, as I suspected), but got all her meds and did a lung workout on her spirometer. How she'll be on Monday is anyone's guess.

David came over Sunday evening, arriving not long after I had finished mowing the front yard. He was dead tired, and spent much of his time sleeping, though he did wake up both to eat dinner and to watch the final episode of "The Next Iron Chef," whose conclusion was easy to predict. Dinner was breaded chicken breast on angel hair pasta with a fondue-based sauce, plus a baby spinach salad topped with fruits and nuts. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

This coming week is mostly about Thanksgiving prep. It'll be just the five of us-- an intimate dinner with a ton of food, most of which will have to be packed up for reheating. How's your prep going?



Maven said...

I don't have much to prep. Going to the husband's aunt and uncle's home for Bird Day. I'll be making a coconut-carrot halwa/burfee bundt w/a rosewater glaze. I'm excited about it.

Additionally I found a recipe online so I can use up the extra shredded carrot I think I'll have. Hard to judge how many carrots I'll need for the recipe as it only gives the quantity for the shred.

Then I'll be back Thurs p.m., as I have to go to work on Friday. Then the rest of the weekend will be cleaning the house in anticipation of the arrival of the husband's uncle. Good times.

PS: I do hope to bbq or smoke two turkey thighs on Friday or this weekend, and serve it up with some sweet potato wedges wrapped and baked with bacon.

The Maximum Leader said...

Is is hawk a loogie or hock a loogie? I don't know.

Charles said...

Thanksgiving is this week? Hmm.

Well, we have people coming over on Wednesday for something completely unrelated to Thanksgiving. I'll be making pizza. Right now I'm planning on a peppers and pepperoni pie and a quattro formaggio pie with, let's see... mozzarella, of course, some gorgonzola, and two other cheeses that I haven't figured out yet.

Kevin Kim said...


See hawk3 here. (Can't do a superscript HTML tag in the comments.)


The pizza sounds great.


It all sounds awesome.