Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanks, all

A word of thanks to the readership for having alerted us to the New York Times article about the experimental intra-arterial Avastin treatment. If it hadn't been for your attentiveness, this technique would never have captured our attention. Good save, everyone. Because of you, Dad immediately got on the ball, made contact with New York Presbyterian, and got Mom her first appointment-- December 8, as previously noted. We'll be driving up to Manhattan on Pearl Harbor Day, staying overnight right next to the medical complex, and wheeling Mom over the following day, possibly to meet with the very same Dr. Boockvar mentioned in the NY Times article. If he's a celebrity like Dr. Fine, then we might meet other members of his team.


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Elisson said...

Anytime anyone asks me whether this "blogging nonsense" is worthwhile, I can point to this post as evidence.

Good on ya, Kevin. I hope something really good comes out of your NY trip.