Saturday, November 28, 2009

two pics from Thanksgiving

From this past Thursday:

The above photo doesn't include Dad, who took that shot. Below, we've got Dad and David with Mom, who is on her way to bed.

The first photo, which gives you some idea of the food we ate, doesn't show half the food. Sean's massive trays of broccoli casserole and green bean casserole (and David's rollicking sweet potato dish) are sitting atop folding trays very close to the sliding glass door. Unfortunately, those trays are significantly shorter than the dining room table, so they aren't visible in the photo... unless you can pick them out in the reflections in the sliding door.

Of note in the second photo, aside from Mom's beauty: the mass of cards from well-wishers atop our hearth.


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Katie said...

Bravo Kevin and all for such a wonderful thanksgiving. The pics are great, and the food must have been incredible! Thinking of all of you,
Katie Kadarauch