Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thank you (and a reminder about our visitation policy)

Our thanks to Mrs. Park-Barr and her husband for visiting, and for kindly dropping off some lovely pomegranate juice, a Thanksgiving card, and a Safeway gift card (which will see a lot of use in the near future!). My apologies for keeping the visit brief, but Mom wasn't ready to see anyone. She had a late start to the day.

Just a general note to all potential visitors: as consistent readers of this blog know, we ask people to contact us at least a day in advance if they want to visit. This minimizes stress on both Mom and us (by "us," I mean my father and me, Mom's caregivers), especially during a busy time like the holidays. We've been more relaxed about people who say they're coming by to "drop something off," but in such cases, I normally don't let people in past the door. I apologize if this seems unwelcoming, but I've repeatedly made our visitation policy clear, and have tried to enforce it as consistently as possible without being rude. We don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers, but we also don't want anyone ruffling ours. I hope that sounds fair.

So please call a day ahead if you want to visit, i.e., actually come into the house and see Mom. Thanks.


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