Tuesday, December 1, 2009

finishing up

Mom's finishing up her lunch: Korean soup, apple pie, and fruit salad. She's alert and responsive, but definitely perseverative: to give her napkins is to invite disaster. She likes placing food on them, or compulsively using them to wipe everything except her hands.

Our campaign to heal Mom's lips also continues. She gets a combination of treatments at various times throughout the day: a warm washcloth followed by a very gentle exfoliating scrub, specially medicated lip balm, and applications of vitamin E directly from a pierced capsule. When Mom got out of bed, Dad's gave her a vitamin E treatment, and I just treated her again with more Vitamin E. Her lips look better than they did last week, but we've still got a long way to go before the chapping and cracking are gone, and her lips have truly healed.


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Maven said...

There is this ointment which I use for all manner of things from chapped lips to nasal dryness (I suffer bloody noses in the winter due to being so dry). The stuff is called Boroleum. If you cannot find it in your local pharm, you can get it online. The stuff is great. A little mentolated, and has a bit of healing boric acid in a petrolatum base. It's quite good. Perhaps doing the lip treatment at night before mom turns in might help with the healing process. Don't know if she reverts to mouth breathing while sleeping, so that could be drying her out too. The Boroleum really helps me out.