Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mom status update

In an unusual move, Mom fell asleep while sitting at the couch tonight. We decided she should go to bed early, so we woke her up around 10PM, Dad gave her her meds, and then we escorted her to the bathroom for her evening ablutions and clothing change. Dad then tucked her into bed for the night.

Mom had seemed "out of it" for much of the day, though she became more alert when we arrived at Ulta for her brief pre-makeover session with Mimi. In my opinion, she remained more alert for the rest of the day, but she did seem less responsive overall. Dad thinks Mom improved temporarily while at Ulta, then worsened for the rest of the day. With Mom so unresponsive, it's hard to tell who's right.

We got her to walk up and down the wheelchair ramp three times upon our return home; we also worked on her lips (much better, but still needing treatment), and got her to do some breath work with the spirometer, once before dinner and once before bed. She needs all the exercise she can get, but as was true even before the cancer, she doesn't seem all that willing to put herself through the effort.

Mom has what appears to be two tiny zits on her nose; we're watching those carefully to see whether they transform into anything threatening. Hopefully, they'll remain innocuous.

Tomorrow, Mom has her marathon Avastin-and-carboplatin session, which will keep us out of the house for at least five hours. I've got to get to bed early so as to be up on time for this.


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