Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the Kevin health report

I strained my back while trying to lift Mom into the car yesterday, so I'm fairly achy today. The news about my respiratory health is mixed: happily, my bronchial woes seem to have departed, at least for now, and I've regained almost 100% of my ability to smell and taste. But sadly, I wake up every morning with a stuffy nose and a bit of sore throat, probably because I sleep downstairs in our basement/family area (the dungeon), where it's a substantially cooler. The nose and throat problem usually goes away within the first hour or two that I'm awake, but it makes me wonder whether I should be physically close to Mom without my N95 mask. I've been wearing the mask less often, but haven't stopped wearing it altogether.

Because my health is moving along a generally upward curve, I think it's finally time to implement the blood pressure attack plan. More on this as it happens.


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