Saturday, December 5, 2009

lunch... at 5PM

Mom apparently woke up a little after lunchtime, but then closed her eyes and went back to sleep. She didn't actually get out of bed until after 3PM, and it's only now that she's gotten out of the bathroom and into the living room to eat lunch.

Lunch today is a mix of leftovers: leftover egg-and-cheese from Dad's brunch, leftover teriyaki chicken and rice from last night's dinner, and leftover miso soup from yesterday's lunch.

Sean came over and stayed with us a brief while. He had to look for some sheet music that he needed for a gig; in rummaging around some old drawers, he discovered his 1997 high school yearbook, in which we could see photos of a much, much fatter Sean. Sean laughed at the images of his former 200-plus pound self; he's around 180 pounds now, thanks to Atkins and exercise, which means he looks positively thin these days. Sean gleefully showed the yearbook shots to Mom, who had a quiet chuckle.

Dad and Sean have both stepped out the door; Dad's belatedly buying a new broom and some de-icing compound for the wheelchair ramp and deck, and Sean's gone because he's got a ton of things to do.

Given how late Mom is eating today, I doubt I'll be giving her much, if any, dinner. As for Dad's and my dinner... now that I've discovered how easy it is to make American-style teriyaki sauce, we'll be having teriyaki burgers tonight.


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