Friday, December 26, 2008

contact Kevin!

There are a few ways to get hold of me. (Revised as of April 28, 2011.)

1. Email: kevinswalk [at] gmail [dot] com

Note: write "Kevin" in the subject line, or your email will be shunted to the trash folder. I created an anti-spam filter that does this; nothing personal.

2. Twitter: send a Direct Message (DM) to me. My Twitter URL is Many Twits in the Twitterverse will write this as "@kevinswalk."

I used to be a Facebookian, but I rapidly tired of Facebook's security issues (on the technical front) and its plethora of useless gewgaws and doodads (on the aesthetic front). I might be persuaded to rejoin Facebook purely for walk-related purposes, but the potential persuader would have to make a pretty strong argument for why I'd need a Facebook presence on top of a blog and Twitter presence. About the only advantage I see is Facebook's ease-of-use when forming groups or committees dedicated to particular tasks, topics, or events.