Monday, June 29, 2009


We're going to be visited in a few minutes by members of the church who will be measuring out the space in which the wheelchair ramp will be placed. It seems strange to talk about such a ramp when Mom is doing so well with walking, but it's important to realize that we're seeing only the upward side of the rocket's trajectory: eventually, there will be a decline, a return to earth, and the ramp-- along with the wheelchairs (we have two now)-- will make more sense.

It's my understanding that we have a timeline for ramp construction: July 11, which is either a start date or a start-and-completion date. As always, we're thankful for the enormous amount of help and love we've received. Dad noted with astonishment that this ramp is going to cost us nothing, which is nothing short of amazing.

On a related note: thanks, as well, to Mom's friend Mrs. Kopf, who helped obtain the second wheelchair that now sits in our dining room.


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