Thursday, July 2, 2009


We're off to visit Dr. Yoho, the infectious disease specialist, today. The appointment is at 1PM, so we're leaving around noon. This is an important appointment, as Dr. Yoho is the one to determine whether Mom is truly ready to restart chemo- and radiotherapy. Mom is scheduled to restart these things on Monday, July 6th, but this is changeable pending Dr. Yoho's verdict.

Assuming we get the all-clear, life will once again be about taking Mom to the hospital five days a week for six weeks. Chemotherapy will be seven days a week during that same period. I have no idea whether Mom will be continuing her antibiotic regimen while she's also undergoing in-tandem therapy; up to now, my impression has been that the daptomycin has to stop before therapy can begin. This puts Mom back in a delicate position, as the in-tandem therapy will lower Mom's blood count and generally make her more vulnerable to infection. Let's hope she'll be able to make it through six weeks without acquiring a major infection.

More on today's appointment later.


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