Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It's almost 3PM as I write this. Mom remains in the ICU, and is being tended to by a team of nurses. There's been no word yet as to when she'll be moving to the non-intensive section.

Mom's bandages seem to have shifted since yesterday; she wears them higher on her head. Sean got to hospital first, and he found out that this development isn't as worrisome as it might seem. Mom's temperature is slightly higher than it was yesterday, but her vital signs remain good and stable. Her lips are also less chapped today, ever since Dad helped Mom apply lip balm yesterday. She's sleepy, and we're guessing that she depressed, as well as frustrated at finding herself once again back in the hospital. I don't blame her.

David stopped by to visit Mom during the lunch hour, taking a bit of time off work to do so. He's gone back to work now; Sean is still here along with Dad and me. Dad's current mission is to find out whether the Radiology Department will still allow us to get those free parking passes, even though radiotherapy will be delayed for some time.

A few moments ago, Pastor Kim walked by and greeted Sean and me while we were sitting out in the main lobby. He's gone up to see Mom, and Sean and I are about to go up there as well (probably breaking the 2-visitors-only rule in the process).


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