Monday, May 25, 2009

one question answered

Mom is scheduled for surgery today. It's not even 8AM (we've been at the hospital since 6:30AM), and Mom has already been visited by two nurses and two doctors, all of whom give her the same cognitive, strength, and sensation/coordination tests.

The news hasn't changed since yesterday: the docs have looked at the scans and cultures; they've seen that there's an infection going on (Mom's on IV antibiotics), but they're unsure of its extent and won't know more until they've reopened the first surgical incision.

Dr. Kerr, who was the assistant neurosurgeon during Mom's tumor-debulking operation, told us this morning that the surgeons are "at the mercy of the OR," because the hospital is receiving trauma cases that are, understandably, assigned a higher priority than Mom's infection.

More news later. For now, we wait. Sean's on his way over; David will be by in the afternoon. Mom will continue to receive hourly visits from nurses, and we'll probably see another doctor right before Mom is taken to surgery.

We're hoping the docs discover nothing more than a superficial infection. Keep those fingers crossed.


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melancholy donut said...

my fingers are crossed...