Tuesday, May 26, 2009

slower morning

Dad called the hospital this morning and learned that Mom was fine, but still groggy. I'll be whipping up lunch for the two of us; Dad is currently out doing some errands. Sean texted that he'll be visiting Mom in the hospital after he finishes some errands of his own. Yesterday, David had promised to visit Mom "tomorrow," so I imagine he'll be seeing her after he's done with work this evening. I was up until 4AM answering emails after shaving my head (which took a while, despite the new electric clippers) and doing my laundry.

We're all taking it slow today, I think.



Nomad said...

Thanks for the continuous updates.

Did you only use the clippers on your head, or did you completely shave it all off, as with a razor as well?

Kevin said...


I initially used a new set of electric clippers that Mom had received from a good friend of hers. Had to read the instructions, which involved a lot of verbiage about oiling the blades, aligning the blades, adjusting the power screw, etc. Very daunting for a first-time barber. I cleared out the downstairs bathroom, brought in a brown grocery bag, a dustpan, a roll of paper towels, and a cleaning spray to prep for the anticipated mass of fallen hair. Then I shrugged, turned on the clippers, and attacked my head.

The clippers worked perfectly, and I cackled like a mad fool while shaving my hair off. I regret not taking photos of the process, which was hilarious. Alas, the clippers left a layer of stubble about 1/16 of an inch high; to complete the procedure, I took Alan Cook's suggestion and-- after cleaning the floor of all clippings-- stepped into the shower with a regular razor, soaped up my scalp, then chiseled away at the stubble for, oh, about 4 minutes, until I couldn't feel any hair anywhere on my skull and nape.

When I got out of the shower, I used the medicine cabinet's mirrors to scan my head for any stray hair, and took care of it with the razor and some soap.

What's amazing is how fast the hair grows back. I went to sleep, and by the time I woke up, my scalp was noticeably darker. Incredible.

Korean monks shave their heads about every two weeks. In two weeks, I might have a healthy head of hair again. Good Lord, I'm a mutant.

There are ups and downs to being bald-- I discovered this the moment I stepped out of that warm shower. The major problem is that, when your scalp starts to sweat, there's no hair to stop it. This probably explains why so many bald guys go for headgear-- that, and because they don't want sunburn.

On the other hand, it's mighty cool to be able to feel every little change in the air. It's almost as though, in shaving my head, a discovered a new sense organ. It wouldn't surprise me if I started picking up radio signals from communication satellites-- my head is now that much more sensitive than it had been.


Nomad said...

I shave 2 times a week (also in the shower); I could shave every day but I'm too lazy. I was on Okinawa the first time I shaved my head. I was constantly on the beach or near the ocean, fishing, snorkeling or swimming so I had quite the deep tan, which did leave me looking pretty weird with a completely white head.
Just think of the money you'll save in shampoo and conditioner. Open car windows? Gale force winds? Rain? No problems...

Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Kevin . . . and Nomad . . . I'm taking the natural approach to a completely bald head. In a few years, the hair'll all be gone of its own accord . . .

Jeffery Hodges

* * *