Friday, May 29, 2009


Mom might or might not be coming home today. Just a few minutes ago, we heard that she's been scheduled for a transfusion due to a low blood count. So we're stuck not knowing whether Mom will be staying the night. A doctor is going to come at some point ("at some point" is about all I can say; it's impossible to get a straight answer from anyone regarding specific times) and talk to us about the transfusion; I imagine we'll know more later.

This new turn of events is, as you can imagine, somewhat frustrating.

UPDATE, 7:40PM: The transfusion still hasn't taken place, and it's a 3-4-hour process. After that, Mom's supposed to get another 2-hour drip of vancomycin (which Dad keeps pronouncing "vanco-MY-a-cin"). All signs point to Mom's being in the hospital yet another night. While this is a burden to Mom, it gives us an extra day to prep the house, and to do an extra-careful job of disinfection.


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