Saturday, May 30, 2009

home and schooled

Mom has been home since 3:45 today. The paperwork to get her out of the hospital was endless, but I understand why it was important.

At around 7PM, Kelly from InfuScience, the company that's contracted to work with Fairfax Hospital, came to our home and set Mom up with her IV antibiotic solution Kelly's a nurse). Dad was the main student during this little workshop, and he'll be teaching the technique to me and to whoever else wants to learn. David was already at the house (he put up a very nice "Welcome Home!" sign for Mom), and Sean joined us after he'd gotten home from a musical gig.

A different nurse will be coming to our house this week-- three times this week, if I'm not mistaken. After that, the visits will be twice weekly. Mom has to dose twice per day, which means the onus is on us to see to Mom's dosages. The nurse will check Mom's PICC line, take her vitals, and check up on the healing of Mom's scalp-- which she'll be able to wash normally around Wednesday.

One of Mom's Korean friends now has "dibs" to visit Mom sometime tomorrow. She'll be arriving sometime in the afternoon. Yes, ladies: feel free to (1) call ahead at least a day in advance, and (2) bring Korean food, as I know Mom was jonesing for it while she was in the hospital, eating bland turkey in mysterious white sauce with overcooked broccoli on the side. Not the most exciting fare, even for people who can't eat spicy food.

So we're home. Mom's asleep in her own bed. She's got one of the IV bulbs attached to her PICC line right now, and Sean is monitoring her. David's off to work (he works a 9-5 job during the week, and also tends bar in the DC-Metro area; tonight, he'll be there until about 5AM or so). I've moved my computer from the downstairs to the upstairs to help in monitoring Mom. We're watching out for her.


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