Monday, June 22, 2009

a day to relax... for some of us

Mom's still doing well. Her daptomycin pushes are happening more or less on time; she's eating more at meals; her balance, strength, and coordination continue to improve; her conversational ability is becoming more extensive as her active vocabulary returns.

Yesterday, Mom had quite a few visitors stop by in the afternoon. This made her day, but it also tired her out: she was asleep before dinnertime, and missed the huge meal that I and my brothers had prepared for my dad. Mom's friend had brought over jjajang-myeon for us, but no one ate it: I had already planned to make yesterday's dinner, and Mom, who would have preferred Korean food, was zonked out. (The noodles will serve as lunch for Mom and me today.)

Today, no nurses will be visiting Mom, and we aren't taking her to see any doctors. Nurse visits are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday; doctors' appointments are Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Today, Mom can relax.

I'm planning on mowing both lawns today; I'll start after lunch. It promises to be an all-day project, mainly because our mower is the type that shoots clippings into a sturdy attachable bag. This bag, which isn't very big, requires frequent stops in order to be emptied, thus increasing the amount of mowing time. Because of the rains lately, I haven't had a good chance to attack the front and back yards in weeks, and it shows: our many weeds (normal grass is hard to find) are taller and more lush than they should be. I imagine I'll be working until close to dinnertime.*

Dad says he might walk Mom out onto the deck to watch me work. I think it's a good idea to get Mom out and about. Her only other big projects today are (1) getting her head and leg dressings changed, and (2) getting her 8PM daptomycin push.

Right-- I'm off to make lunch and tame our greenery.

*Way back in the old days, our family had a different mower-- the kind with no bag. I didn't realize it then (I was in junior high), but such mowers get the work done a lot faster, as all you have to do is push. The main disadvantage is that, if the mower blade happens to bite into a random stone, the stone is likely to fly out from under the mower, zinging dangerously off to who-knows-where.


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