Saturday, June 27, 2009

the second half of Mom's day

How Mom spent the rest of her Friday:

Promptly at 3PM yesterday, Mom underwent physical therapy, administered by yours truly, based on some photocopied sheets given to us by the therapist who had come by two days ago (she'll be back on Tuesday). Lots of leg-lifts and toe-to-heel rolling.

Pastor Jeri came by not long after and spent about an hour with Mom. (Pastor Kim had come by the other day.)

Around 8:10PM, I dealt with Mom's PICC line, giving her her evening dose of daptomycin according to the SASH protocol: saline, antibiotic (the dapto, in this case), saline again, then a heparin flush. Mom had forgotten that I had done this for her three times before, so she was initially worried about whether I knew what I was doing.

Not long after that, Dad came home and we all began watching the musical "Moulin Rouge" together. We were right at the part where Nicole Kidman's character, Satine the courtesan, was thrashing about in fake sexual ecstasy when there was a knock on the door: Pastor Jeri had returned, this time with a sumptuous bouquet she had received from a wedding party.

An interesting day, all in all.


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