Friday, June 26, 2009

wound care

We've been a bit worried about Mom's tendency to touch her various wounds, especially the raw area on the back of her left thigh. One consequence of Mom's tumor and various surgeries has been an increased preference for tactile stimulation: her fingers love to explore the world around her. At one point, this resulted in her dabbing at her leg with toilet tissue-- a big no-no, as the tissue can melt and become stuck on the moist surface. Even though the plastic surgeon declared that area safe for exposure to the air, it's obviously still very painful for Mom, and it still oozes. Even if she weren't dealing with brain-related problems, Mom would probably feel some urge to touch or otherwise pick at that area. I know I would.

The home care nurse who came by today said she would call Dr. Mirali's office to find out what, if anything, should be done about Mom's leg. Mom's head remains lightly bandaged, mainly to keep her fingers away from the incisions and to pad her head so that it's less painful when she wears her helmet. For the moment, Mom's leg is the only pressing issue. So far, no infection, and no other problems to report.


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