Friday, June 26, 2009

what Mom eats

It seems that Mom's tastes have changed-- a natural consequence of all this activity in and around her brain. Mom's not as into spicy foods as she used to be, and she seems to have acquired a sweet tooth. At dinner last night, she enjoyed a mild Korean soup that had been thickened by rice until it was almost a juk (porridge). She then gobbled a simple dessert I'd made: fresh, spooned-out mango and vanilla ice cream. The remainder of the previous night's soup served as lunch today, but Mom didn't touch her spicy panchan (side dishes). Despite Mom's new preference for the milder and sweeter, she still seems to enjoy the usual list of Korean stews-- the various tang and jjigae she grew up with and used to make for us. These stews tend to be on the spicy side, but in the grand scheme of Korean fare, they're not the spiciest items on the menu.

I'm curious how she'd react to a meal that resembled the bland hospital food she'd been eating for weeks, but I'm not going to engage in cruel and unusual punishment.


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