Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the plastic surgeon's verdict

Good news: the plastic surgeon, Dr. Mirali, determined that Mom's scalp and leg have been healing nicely. Mom therefore had her main stitches removed; the remaining stitches are designed to be absorbed by the body. Mom's leg can now stand to be exposed to air; no more need for a Tegaderm covering. We will still be applying loose dressings to Mom's head and leg, but only for Mom's comfort. he big news is that Mom can finally step back into the shower. No more freezing sponge baths!

Mom is now strong enough to get and in out of the car almost unassisted-- this includes the walk from the house to and from the car. She did great today going to the doctor's office and back, and not long from now, she'll be visited by two health care personnel: a home care nurse and a physical therapist. Things are looking up for the moment.


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