Wednesday, August 5, 2009

almost loqacious

Mom's been quite lucid and talkative this morning. She and I had a conversation that, while largely guided by me, was characterized by the rationality of Mom's responses, which evinced not only improved memory, but also a somewhat-improved ability to connect cause and effect.

Dad was occupied with a medical professional from one of his insurance companies (he's altering part of his policy, which necessitates a checkup when you're over 65), so it was left to me to perform some of Dad's normal morning routines with Mom, such as helping her dry off after her shower and dress up, then re-applying the complicated set of bandages that generously cover her left thigh, protecting her skin harvest site from over-abrasion. Mom and I had plenty of time to chat; one topic of that chat will be the subject of a subsequent blog post.

Right now, though, we have to prep to get out of here: Mom's 2PM radiotherapy appointment awaits.


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