Monday, August 3, 2009


No radiotherapy appointment today. We just got the call as we were heading out the door: the machines are being repaired today. I was told before that this happens periodically at hospitals: the machines are delicate and are in constant use, so breakdowns happen. This is, for our family, the first time we've experienced such a breakdown. It shifts our treatment calendar by a day, but won't affect Mom's Temodar intake: Temodar is a pill, so she can simply ingest her regular dosage this evening.

On the Temodar front: Mom's been on the chemo for several days now, and has shown no signs of nausea or abnormal weakness. I recall one health care professional telling us that, nowadays, most patients suffer no side effects from the pill. I have misgivings about this, though: most people aren't highly susceptible to severe MRSA infection, either, but Mom ended up being among that unlucky 4% who are vulnerable. Unwarranted optimism, in Mom's case, is a bad idea.

Anyway, we're taking Mom out to the park again, hoping to give her another chance to walk around a bit. Our own form of therapy.



JR said...

Just wanted to drop you another note and let you know that your mom and entire family are in my still in my prayers.

dom said...

Kevin, toi et ta famille, vous m'impressionnez!
chaque jour qui passe est une épreuve et aussi des petits moments de joie simple,
la vie est un mélange bien surprenant...

Kevin Kim said...

Merci à toi et au reste de ta famille, Dominique. Comme tu vois, Maman va un peu mieux maintenant, grace au recommencement de son Decadron (traitement de stéroïde). Avec moins de pression dans le cerveau, elle arrive à mieux parler, et ne perd plus son équilibre.